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Blaze Vector™ Production

Blaze Vector™ Production

“There is a shortage of high-quality AAV research scale production in a time-efficient manner – and we are here to help. We want to be your partner from Blaze Vector Production through cGMP manufacturing, which is why we are focused on quality from the start.“

- David Dismuke, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer

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The details

Forge provides scalable, premier research-grade AAV production that allows companies to go from research to cGMP with consistent processes. Blaze Vector Production provides a higher purity vector using chromatography-based purification combined with a suite of robust release assays. Blaze Vector Production is core to our mission of enabling access to life-changing discoveries by bringing them from concept to reality.

What we bring to the table

  • Our proprietary Ignition Cells™ will help you go from concept to clinic. Our Ignition Cells™ are serum-free HEK293s optimized for yield and consistency in suspension system and we offer open licensing and royalty-free usage.
  • Established process for many standard AAV serotypes
  • Process development to perform experiments on novel engineered capsids
  • Experienced team with decades of AAV manufacturing experience
  • At Forge we are focused on upfront communication and pricing to help ensure your needs are met
  • 1:1 client support
  • Fast turnaround time

Small Scale - 1 L

30-50L Toxicology Production is also available.

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